Enjoy Complimentary Access to the Replay
of the Live 1/2 Day Online Intensive held on...
8th September (USA)/ 9th September (Australia/ NZ)

You are invited on an exciting journey to Discover, Expand and Actualise your Personal Manifesting Mastery using timeless creation, manifesting principles so you can experience the abundance you desire and so rightly deserve.

During this 1/2 Day Live Intensive, Matthew will teach you the 'purest blueprint' for Awakening the Manifesting Guru Within...

  • UN-cover, UN-block and UN-learn the Number #1 Cause behind your ‘Manifesting Mishaps’ and How the RIPPLE EFFECTS have impacted your Money, Love and Freedom at various levels of your being — Let’s put an end to this suffering!!!
  • Learn How to Apply the Proper Use of the First PRINCIPLE of CREATION - Start experiencing Profound Transformation in your world (HINT: Light carries its destination with it)
  • Discover how to Embody the Laws behind the SECOND PRINCIPLE of Manifesting Mastery - enabling you to manifest with Guru-like precision and speed 24 hour a day, 365 days per year… for life
  • Tap in to and learn Nature’s BLUEPRINT for Ever-green Abundance and, the role FORGIVENESS plays in unlocking unlimited abundance in your life - I LOVE THIS AREA (and, feel strongly you will too)
  • Together, with Matthew, you will learn how to Dial Up the Power of ‘CLEAN PRESENCE’ and how to use it to overcome any Fears of Worthiness or Separation from Source
  • A NEW LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT— Matthew will demonstrate how to Design your very own MENTAL MATRIX before downloading it into material form (This is Alchemy at work!)
  • IN ADDITION, Matthew will guide you through an Extremely Powerful exercises to AMPLIFY your MANIFESTING CODES… with the assurance, you will leave the half-day Enriched, Enlightened and Energised


Includes a Powerful Guided 'Forgiveness' Visualisation


We would love any feedback, insights or ideas you received while participating in this half-day masterclass (please comment below)...

About Matthew Patti

Matthew Patti is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and spiritual growth. A sought-after International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, he has spent more than two decades at the fore-front of metaphysical healing, spirituality and leadership; sharing his wisdom with more than 35,000 ‘Seekers’ around the world.

He revels in travel, teaching, inspiring and helping healers, coaches, health professionals and spiritual-preneurs reach higher states of potential and actualise a more fulfilling journey as leaders in service of humanity while enjoying an abundant life.

Matthew's mission is simple: "To Grow Leaders not Followers, to Heal the World One Person at a Time”