How to Travel Light 3

~ Insider Video Lessons ~

Key Learnings - Video 5 [Give Up The Past]:

  • Are your thoughts of past experiences positively serving your life vision for yourself, your family, your business/ career and your community as a whole?
  • Carrying extra weight leads to your suffering, pain and grief
  • Wipe clean your energetic slate by living Now

Key Learnings - Video 6 [You Were Born a Master - Part 1]:

  • Travelling Light is circling you back to your Divine Self
  • You were born a Master - take the time to rediscover and explore your hidden genius
  • A Master sees all things and his/ her connection to all things
  • Shed the need to be right or wrong, black or white, happy or sad, rich or poor
  • We are left with more after we shed - More Clarity, More Confidence and More Truth

Give Up the Past

"No good ever came from living in the past. Outside of time the past ceases to exist. It is merely a memory of the illusion your senses called reality."

You Were Born a Master - P1

“Deep beneath the layers of your ego lies a place. A place where all things exist and are possible. Seek out this place and you in time will come to know the power of your own Mastery once again."

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