How to Travel Light 2

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Key Learnings - Video 3 [How to Travel Light - Part 3]:

  • Ask yourself: “What can you let go of today, this week, this month?”
  • Learning 'How to Travel Light' is one of the most powerful, life changing choices you will ever make
  • Only through your Readiness will you be able to move out of Personal Pain and in to Personal Freedom - Your Readiness is the Key

Key Learnings - Video 4 [The 'Layer Cake' Effect]:

  • Ask yourself this: “Where is my weight being carried?” (your relationships, finances, health, career…)
  • Living in the past breeds ‘Depression’. Living too much in the future yields ‘Anxiety’.
  • What we choose to fill our external environment with (possessions and attachments) often determines the level of connection we have with our Self
  • The ego will always ask for reassurance, for confirmation, for proof - make your choices heart-centred instead.

How to Travel Light - Part 3

“Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams. For the dreamers of the world are the keepers of magic and the miracle we call Life”

The 'Layer Cake' Effect

"Shedding your layers is one of the most painful experiences you will ever go through. If you are willing and patient enough the rewards will be great."

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