How to Travel Light 1

~ Insider Video Lessons ~

Key Learnings - Video 1 [How to Travel Light - Part 1]:

  • We are all born whole and perfect in our imperfection
  • Everything we require to live a deep loving, fulfilling and happy life is already contained within our consciousness
  • Life experiences are purposeful and meaningful to help us remember ‘Who we are’
  • Returning to our ‘Lightness of Being’ is our true path

Key Learnings - Video 2 [How to Travel Light - Part 2]:

  • Carrying extra-weight can be costly
  • You always have a 'choice' on what you would love to experience in this life. What will you choose - pain or freedom?
  • Will you choose to live between the worlds of the past and the future, experiencing life in its richness now in the present moment?
  • Living in the present opens the door to expanded and more fulfilling life experiences

How to Travel Light - Part 1

"We hold on to our suffering and pain because at some level we believe this is our destiny. We have attached ourselves to this identity and called it [Self]. Nothing is further from the Truth."

How to Travel Light - Part 2

"Each of us has been given an incredibly powerful gift. We can use it at Will. And, yet this gift has eluded many over the course of history. It has brought down empires, entire nations and much of humankind. This is the gift of 'Thought'. Mixed with the power of 'Choice' you have the recipe for either experiencing Heaven or Hell on Earth."

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