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Real people with extraordinary gifts and missions to help thousands of others around the world awaken to lives filled with clarity, purpose and meaning. We honour you all...

We help Coaches and Spiritual Seekers ~ Go from Invisible Healer to Global Leaders in Consciousness and Business

"Before I met Matt I was uncertain of my path and of my abilities. There was self-doubt within me that I wasn't even acknowledging. After speaking with Matt I experienced a shift in my energy, I faced my self-doubt and gained so much clarity around what it is that I'm here to do and Matt assisted in uncovering my natural abilities and talents. I am now moving forward with confidence and clarity around myself and my mission. Highly recommend the work of Matt, his insights, guidance and clarity."

Andrew Pearce, AP Success Coaching & Training, Australia

Matt is a beacon of light that holds me to my highest and with his sessions I am learning to liberate my true self and follow my deepest dreams to serve from my heart to eventually reach many other hearts as I step more and more into my potential. Matt's gift to be a mirror of light and truth has impacted my reality on a quantum level which has helped me restore faith and belief in myself. In deep gratitude, Rosie"

Rosanne Ainslie, Spain

Matt is a powerful teacher, with amazing insight, he elevates you, your mission and the conscious community as a whole.

Wendi Liechty, California, Business Essentials for Women

"Ever wondered what your soul purpose is? why you do what you do? how you can do more of what makes you incredibly happy? yes? then I highly recommend you connect with Matthew Patti - an incredible teacher, mentor and powerful leader."

Stephanie Hunter Carey, Coaching with Steph - Mindset Mentor & Thought Leader

"Meeting Matthew is a blessing in every way! He had help accept my divine gifts and help me align with my higher self! He is a men of light and I'm honor to be part of his group of students! He had shape my vision and my purpose for helping others! I can't wait to see where we will go from here! Only greatness comes under his light! Thank you so much for your presence Matthew!"

Angelica Diaz, Florida, USA

"My new focus has already paid off... What I have realised is that being intuitively guided by Kirsten has actually enhanced my ability to be an even better coach for my clients. This has had a ripple effect in my own personal life, my family life and in my work environment. Kirsten has this magic thing about her that helps to cause a shift the minute we talk about it. She provides a safe space for me to explore areas of my life that require the gentle release and healing."

Hanan Al-Alawneh, Diamond Mind Life Coaching

"Matt has shown me the depth of my spirituality and my own capacity for healing others. This is such a gift. I believe one of the biggest gifts that Matt has given me is the belief in my own spiritual abilities and this has enabled me to really connect all of the layers. Until I spent time with Matt, I had never done a spiritual healing for someone else and being able to trust myself in that realm has been very grounding for me. I continue to do the processes and the results allow me to come from my true centre and this means that I am living in my power."

Robyn Trickey, Australia, Fertility Expert and Consultant Healer

"I have been able to embrace my uniqueness at a deeper level and lift the veil so that I am able to add more value to my clients. His wisdom and knowledge is profound which enables me to grow and I feel I am expanding at a rapid rate. The most significant contribution for me was learning to receive. Without receiving I could not grow any further or my business prosper. Now that I have the gift of receiving my business is flourishing and I can make more of an impact on the world."

Melonie Taylor, Success On Purpose

"Before working with Kirsten, I had lost sight of my Dream and was only focused on what was bringing in immediate income. I felt like there was no balance in my life. After the intuitive guidance during our sessions, I reconnected with my Dream and not only that, connected in such a way that for the first time it felt possible rather than just being a far off perhaps unattainable Dream."

Suzanne Marryatt, Writings and Photography from a Travelling Life

"You hear 'life changing’ and that is how I am feeling! Matt is not only knowledgable, a master coach, I believe he is extremely connected. Matt triggered what I needed most - to step bravely into my own power. At the beginning, I had HUGE resistance, a big void in my personal life at the time, conflicting messages, yet Matt was able to create an environment where I felt safe to be the voice I want to be in the world. I am now living the fullest spiritual expression of my true self as a future leader in coaching and healing. There is no greater gift I could have received. I cannot imagine going forward with out Matt, a wise, gentle, conscious leader by my side. Thank you Matt." -- A journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step.

Shannon Huxley, Healer, Life Coach and Spiritual Seeker

"At the time I started working with Kirsten, I felt like it was taking an excessively long time for me to make progress.  I felt stuck in several areas of my life and worried that there was too much to deal with and not enough time to face it all. As a result of the intuitive processes, guided by Kirsten, I have acted on some ideas I've had and this has led to some pleasing financial gains.  I have also experienced others treating me with more respect, generosity and appreciation. Kirsten helped increase my conscious awareness which together propelled the healing of this belief."

Jason Marianoff, Property Investor/ Developer & Inspirational Mentor

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