Quantum Breakthrough :: Bonus Visualisation

The following new guided visualisation is consciously shared for you to access higher levels of personal and spiritual awareness - about your true self and the world around you. It is important to find 15-30 minutes time several times per week (or, more if you are inclined), to experience the richness you rightly deserve along your path to awakening. Take your next step to Higher Levels...


Pranic Pulse 2.0

This short guided visualisation tool is incredibly powerful and is best used on a daily basis for the first 21 days to magnetise your creativity, focus and intentions.

After listening to the audio 3 to 5 times you will start to gain greater strength in your ability to feel and play with energy you are calling forward into your quantum field; in addition to your ability to interact with this energy as your own. Enjoy the creating!

SPECIAL NOTE: Clicking on the link above will open a new window. Next, 'right-click' on the audio player and select 'Save As' to download to your desktop or file.

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