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Yes, I understand I am getting access to 16 x (weekly) 60 minute Group Mastermind session (online) to fast-track my spiritual growth and leadership in consciousness

PLUS, Yes, I receive 8 x 60 minute (weekly) Business Booster Sessions to crystallise, actualise and launch you into a new stratosphere of abundance

Yes, I understand I am getting 1 x 60 minute Private One-to-One session with Matthew (over Skype) to help my soul growth and leadership quest.

YES, I understand I am getting full access to weekly practical exercises, tip-sheets and resources to help accelerate your Higher Levels plus LIFETIME ACCESS to any updates to resources and/ or materials.

YES, I understand I am getting Lifetime Access to all weekly session recordings inside the HLM website. PLUS,  40+ additional Step-by-Step, Self-Pace Video Lessons] And, even if I can’t make it, I can still listen to the recordings inside my members area whenever I choose.

YES, I understand I have exclusive access to the 'HLM Member Only' Facebook Group - to collaborate, support and inspire your new alliances, where I can ask for and share feedback, insights, ideas and support with my like-minded community.

YES, I understand I will become part of a new personal and global movement in consciousness, which will enable me to 'Lead the Light' as well as, share my message with more people in my circle of influence as a Spiritual Leader.

YES, I am ready to be supported, to fulfil a deep core need that I have to start a living life on my terms and to share this with others. I will take action on content, I will fuel relationships, I will gain clarity and a clear actionable steps to ensure my life experiences continue to expand in meaning, fulfilment and passion.

IN ADDITION, I am also aware I will receive access to all the valuable bonuses outlined and understand they will be delivered upon commencement of the 'Higher Level Masterclass' training.

The Higher Level Masterclass has given me the spiritual tools and discussions I needed to realise and actualise the next steps in my life and business journey. 

Matt is a heart-felt, high vibration and relatable spiritual mentor who walks his talk. He has a gift in communicating and filling your soul to the brim with insights, inspiration and golden nuggets of wisdom.

On a personal note, thank you for your commitment, advice, openness and generosity. It has been an awesome journey so far... and I know it's only going to get better for us all. Light and love always, Francesca xx

Francesca Belperio, South Australia
Francesca Belperio, South Australia

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I love the Higher Level Masterclass and the approach Matthew takes... it couldn't have come at a better time. 

Matthew is such a stand for always remembering and coming from our highest self and the power that has, in any moment.

The skills and tools delivered in the classes are unwavering in constantly bringing us back to the same point of presence and allowing our gifts to gently flow. We therefore never have to lose our integrity with our soul or heart in the pursuit of what is our gift to the world.

Sally 'Lakshmi' Thurley
Sally 'Lakshmi' Thurley Spanda Vision