Celebrating YOU - Signature Gift #2


Distinguishing between these 3 primary emotional expressions contributes to your role as a Leader in Consciousness, healing and Transformation.

It is highly important to hone and develop your understanding, appreciation and integration of the key differences to ensure you are servicing yourself and the world in optimal states of awareness.

We all express compassion in slightly different ways. Enjoy exploring new levels...

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Is it time to step out of the shadows and into the light of your highest potential, your greatest gifts and deepest soul desires...

It’s why you are here NOW, at this TIME after all. Isn't it ?

* SHOW UP in the world as YOU really are
* SHARE your gifts in service many + higher abundance in your life
* EMBRACE and EMBODY the deepest calling within you…to Heal, Lead and Serve the Light.

2016 is a year destined for tremendous global change with higher energies being activated to bring forth the new levels of consciousness on the planet.

These heralded upgrades will lead to millions of people around the globe seeking more answers, more support and guidance…

Questions like...
* WHY am I here?
* WHAT is my purpose?
* HOW do what I love and be rewarded handsomely for it?

You may have asked these same questions and more...
If so, here's your chance to gain greater clarity and certainty on your path.

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Now, Enjoy this Free Guided Meditation...

The following new guided meditation is consciously shared for you to access higher levels of personal and spiritual awareness - about your true self and the world around you.

It is important to find 15-30 minutes time several times per week (or, more if you are inclined), to experience the richness you rightly deserve along your path to awakening.

Take your next step to Higher Levels...


  • The Connected Universe - Meditation
    The Connected Universe - Meditation

    DOWNLOAD and enjoy this energy-expanding meditation track.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Clicking on the link above will open a new window. Next, 'right-click' on the audio player and select 'Save As' to download to your desktop or file.

The Connected Universe

"You are never alone. You are one and part of the divine weave of the Universe "
Meditation length: 30 minutes
Preparation: A quiet space without distraction for 30-45 minutes

Music Credits: Sounds for Mindfulness (Album 2011) by Omharmonics
Sound Tracks: The Balance (track 1)

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