Celebrating YOU - Signature Gift #1


Most of us go through life collecting items along the way; be it clothes, shoes, furniture, houses, cars…the list goes on. Are you likely to hold onto the things you deem important throughout your life or do you let some of them go along the way? For most of us, we’ve worked hard for all of these things so letting them go may seem unnecessary and, at times, down right difficult.

In this short video, Matthew delivers so key ideas to help free-up your vital energy and release the heaviness of clutter in personal and professional lives.

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As a SPIRITUAL SEEKER, TEACHER and/ or HEALER you have been given incredible powers to create lasting change in your life and the lives of those around you.

However, at times, you may feel you are 'DANCING' around your Reason, Purpose or Mission for being here at this time - and potentially, not experiencing the CLARITY, DIRECTION and CERTAINTY you may be looking forward to help 'Amplify Your Journey'.

So, today I would like to offer YOU the opportunity to connect with me for a [ 20 minute Private One-to-One ] where I will deep-dive into your Higher Level energies to help you explore and unpack your Signature Path in helping to HEAL and CHANGE the WORLD.

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Now, Enjoy this Free Guided Meditation...

The following new guided meditation is consciously shared for you to access higher levels of personal and spiritual awareness - about your true self and the world around you.

It is important to find 15-30 minutes time several times per week (or, more if you are inclined), to experience the richness you rightly deserve along your path to awakening.

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  • You Are Light - Meditation
    You Are Light - Meditation

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You Are Light (Meditation)

"You are so much more than you currently know yourself to be."
Meditation length: 15 minutes
Related content: Alignment, Embodiment, Soul Gifts, Detachment, Presence
 A quiet space without distraction

Music Credits: Reiki Healing Waves (Album 2008) with Parijat
Sound Tracks: Hearts Awakening (track 1), Healing Senses (track 2)

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