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Yes, I understand I am getting access to 8 x (weekly) 90 minute Group Mastermind session (online) to fast-track my spiritual growth and leadership in consciousness

Yes, I understand I am getting 1 x 60 minute Private One-to-One session with Matthew (over Skype) to help my soul growth and leadership quest.

YES, I understand I am getting full access to weekly practical exercises, tip-sheets and resources to help accelerate your Higher Levels plus LIFETIME ACCESS to any updates to resources and/ or materials.

YES, I understand I am getting Lifetime Access to all weekly session recordings inside the HLM website And, even if I can’t make it, I can still listen to the recordings inside my members area whenever I choose.

YES, I understand I have exclusive access to the 'HLM Member Only' Facebook Group - to collaborate, support and inspire your new alliances, where I can ask for and share feedback, insights, ideas and support with my like-minded community.

YES, I understand I will become part of a new personal and global movement in consciousness, which will enable me to 'Lead the Light' as well as, share my message with more people in my circle of influence as a Spiritual Leader.

YES, I am ready to be supported, to fulfil a deep core need that I have to start a living life on my terms and to share this with others. I will take action on content, I will fuel relationships, I will gain clarity and a clear actionable steps to ensure my life experiences continue to expand in meaning, fulfilment and passion.

IN ADDITION, I am also aware I will receive access to all the valuable bonuses outlined and understand they will be delivered upon commencement of the 'Higher Level Masterclass' training on 14th October, 2015

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