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YOU ARE HERE because you have felt, deep within you, the 'Call' to elevate your consciousness, strengthen your connection to source and, actualise your impact on the world in helping to raise the consciousness of humanity on a global level.

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The next Higher Level Masterclass :: 2 Day Live Intensive

29th & 30th October, 2016 on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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Dr. John Demartini

A shared vision with one of my greatest teachers…

“Matt, the vision you have shared is precisely what this world needs right now; more leaders who are living embodiments of the Great Work. I have every confidence in this manifesting and I look forward to seeing the magic unfold in the lives of those you reach with this message and wisdom. “

Dr. John Demartini Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author
Mark Bowness

“Matthew has the most incredible insight, wisdom and maturity that has resulted in him becoming my “go to guy.

There are not many people I trust when sharing a vision, a business, a passion, that come from a place of the heart but my trust in Matt is implicit and the guidance and mentorship that he has given me has resulted in my business going next level both in finances and impact. Matt, I can’t thank you enough.”

Mark Bowness Life Change Catalyst and Global Thought Leader - Creator of Life Change The Revolution
Andrew Pearce Andrew Pearce, Anxiety Free Living, AP Success Coaching

"Before attending the Higher Level Masterclass I was uncertain of my path and of my abilities.

There was self-doubt within me that I wasn't even acknowledging. After speaking with Matt I experienced a shift in my energy, I faced my self-doubt and gained so much clarity around what it is that I'm here to do and Matt assisted in uncovering my natural abilities and talents.

I am now moving forward with confidence and clarity around myself and my mission. Highly recommend the work of Matt, his insights, guidance and clarity."

Jutta Klipsch Jutta Klipsch, Get Out of the Mud and Shine Coaching

"I have gained so much confidence and clarity for my personal and business life since I started the Higher Level Masterclass. 

It has really opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities for my life. I have gained the courage in believing in myself, and not fearing putting my ideas into action.

I thank Matthew from the bottom of my heart for being the mentor and leader he is, and pushing me gently to shine my light and live my potential... and, for assisting me to spread my unique message, and to make a difference to my fellow beings. If you feel overwhelmed, unclear, lost, stuck – Matthew IS the guy! The value he gives is priceless!"

Sally 'Lakshmi' Thurley Sally 'Lakshmi' Thurley, Spunda Vision, Victoria

"Matthew is such a stand for always remembering and coming from our highest self and the power that has, in any moment.

The skills and tools delivered in the classes are unwavering in constantly bringing us back to the same point of presence and allowing our gifts to gently flow. We therefore never have to lose our integrity with our soul or heart in the pursuit of what is our gift to the world."

Wendi Leichte Wendi Leichte, California, USA

"This is a conversation conscious leaders need to join…

Matthew Patti is a powerful teacher, with amazing insight, he elevates you, your mission and the conscious community as a whole. Hope to see you on these live online events."


Matthew is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and spiritual growth. A sought-after International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, he has spent more than two decades at the fore-front of metaphysical healing, spirituality and leadership; sharing his wisdom with tens of thousands of‘ Seekers’ around the world.

He and his wife, Kirsten, travel the world several times each year connecting with extraordinary people who are "living life on their own terms" - teaching, inspiring and helping healers, light-workers and spiritual-preneurs reach higher states of potential and actualise a more fulfilling journey as leaders in service of humanity.

Matthew's mission is simple: "To Grow Leaders not Followers, to Heal the World One Person at a Time”