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Real people with extraordinary gifts and missions to help thousands of others around the world awaken to lives filled with clarity, purpose and meaning. We honour you all...

Trudy Igboekweze

Trudy is an intuitive holistic therapist with a breadth of experience across a wide range of industries and modalities gained over more than 20 years. The last 10 of which she managed large teams of people in the public and private sectors, with much of her time spent coaching and mentoring staff to increased engagement, improved performance and often happier personal lives.

In mythology – the Elysian Fields was said to be a paradise where those chosen by the gods would remain after death, to live blessed and happy lives, free to indulge in whatever past times they had enjoyed while alive. What if we could have that experience now?

Trudy holds a healing space that can support you to move forward with grace.  She will work with you, encouraging you to take ownership of your circumstances and help you to step into your light and personal power – effectively being your own guru.

It is Trudy’s believe that we are all Elysian Beings, capable of creating the life we want for ourselves in the here and now.

If you are ready to take the next step towards creating the life you want, a life filled with purpose, love, health, wealth and happiness, Trudy is ready to assist you.

Trudy’s Gift to You – A complimentary ‘Elysian’ 20 minute consultation (via Skype or mobile).

Click here to make contact with Trudy.

Trudy Igboekweze Elysian Beings
Jacqui van Weel

Jacqui van Weel is a Healer and Energy Artist. Creator of SoulFlakes, energy art for healing.

She has been working in the healing industry for 30 years. Intuitively working with peoples energy systems, emotions and pains for healing and transformation.

Jacqui will help you to realign with you truest most authentic self and raise your vibration with her energy art “SoulFlakes”.

SoulFlakes are individually created art pieces that help to heal, transform and connect you deeply with your soul.

Jacqui’s free gift to you is a 15 minute chat about what colours would connect and vibrate with your soul for healing. CLICK HERE to email Jacqui for your complimentary session.

Jacqui van Weel Soul Flakes
Tania Kiara

As a mother of seven children varied ages of 6-28 Tania Kiara has experienced the many intricacies of motherhood – the very soul of sacrifice and unconditional love.

With this experience she has bought upon herself a impeccable mind, an all receiving soul of not only great love but also the education of all things parenting. Tania has spent the last 3 decades nestled in the constant evolution of motherhood and parenting, learning the intricacies and variances  between a one off anxiety episode to the very extremities of autism.

Her spiritual journey and healing path has ignited and expanded multitude, motherhood being her niche and love being what she shares.

Through personal experience, personal power and the underlying urge to help support others into personal empowerment ,  Tania has built herself into a walking, breathing database of knowledge.

She has made it her mission in this Life time to serve children through the ever changing ways of Mindful Parenting.

She has nurtured souls to move into a space of healing and homeostasis with her constant expansion of qualifications.

With access via consultations and mentoring with the Fast Track to Health Program, Vibrational Healing accessing the power of  the Quantum Essence range , birth support as a Doula and so much more.

Book your complimentary 20 minute ‘Mindful Wellness’ session with Tania today to rejuvenate your Life.

Tania Kiara Mindful Mothering, Japotas Kaharti Wellness
Angelica Diaz

My Name is Angelica Diaz, I am a spiritual healer of Mind, Body and Spirit.

When you feel overwhelm by the life you are living, when things just don’t add up, then you know you are in a search for change, in a search for purpose to redirect your life!

Angelica has an incredible passion for people – for helping to create happy people – for people who want more out of life and desire greater alignment by focusing on improving their own relationship with self! I am committed to help as many as I can in my path!

I know, I feel, I see what you are going through because once I was there!

Angel’s Gift to You:   A complimentary 45 minutes ‘Divine Alignment’ session, where you will discover your true self, learn how to embrace it and fall back in love with who you are! Please message Angelica via the link above for more information.

Angelica Diaz Healing with Angel
Nicole van Hattem

Nicole is a Holistic Success Coach and Business Mentor, Host of Hot & Healthy and multiple Best Selling Author.

Her mission is to inspire millions of people around the world to Think, Eat, Thrive, and end the epidemic of “Death by Desk”.

Nicole is sought after by corporations and community groups, conference organisers and special interest groups who want to inspire healthy change in the minds and lives of their audience.

She speaks from the heart as she delves into her own journey, during which she morphed from a fat, sick and successful corporate desk-jockey into a self-driven entrepreneur.

Overworked and stressed with a number of health issues, Nicole decided to change her mind, body and career and in 2010 established her international coaching practice that has since helped to transform thousands of people through her talks, corporate workshops, coaching programs, international speaking engagements, television appearances, magazine articles, books and podcast series.

Nicole’s gift to you: a complimentary 50 minute holistic success consultation to begin your transformation…CLICK HERE

Nicole van Hattem Think. Eat. Thrive. Success Coaching
Nana Chresta

Nana Chresta is a leader in women’s welfare, empowerment and growth. She is the founder of Good Life Strategies – the #1 program for growing healers, coaches, health, welfare and social workers as well as supporters of women’s issues into effective leaders in their field and become global advocates for women’s issues. Her expertise in the welfare and mental health industry as well as extensive studies in communication, alternative health, nutrition, yoga and spirituality allow her to offer one of the most effective, holistic programs in the market. Her passion lies with transforming and empowering the lives of women who play an integral role in making the world a better place. NANA’s GIFT TO YOU: Free 30 minute Mind Mapping Session. Learn simple strategies on how to become a better agent in your daily planning without getting stressed.

Nana Chresta My Good Life Strategies
Leisa Tibbetts

The journey within… Leisa is a master in consciousness and transforming and turning lives around through the power of Art, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Awakening.

Leisa loves to empower people with the tools to truly change their life from within.

Her unique down to earth teaching qualities, are powerful and taught through her own experiences of turning her life around.

Have you experienced the tragic loss of a loved one, addiction, never felt you fitted in, poor health, depression, but would love for your life to change, then take the first step by connecting with Leisa.

LEISA’S GIFT TO YOU:  A free 60min personal or Skype consultation with Leisa.

Leisa Tibbetts Leisa's Soul Creations
Veronica Montoya

Veronica is a stand out Soul-preneur, Intuitive transformational facilitator and Energy Healer. She is leading the Victory Tribe- a bridging alignment program for the awakened business mind and heart, through inner work, assisted by divine source to manifest our ultimate desires.

She has been mentored by the worlds best in consciousness, having coached and healed hundreds around the world, clearing blockages across imbalances to live and be present at the top of their game.

A GIFT FROM VERONICA: One complimentary mini healing session with a booked discovery consultation.

CLICK HERE to message Veronica.

Veronica Montoya The Victory Tribe
Jason French

Jason is a Global Leader and founder of the physical, spiritual and emotional movement of Mindset Behind Health and Lifestyle. (This is for individuals wanting conscious transformation in their life.)

Jason awakens souls and supports the healing process towards your health and lifestyle matrix through varying processes.  He mentors and facilitates workshops, webinars, personal or online mentoring and group sessions in health.

Coming from a varying personal life experiences with health and lifestyle, he went from one extreme to the other until finding balance through many different personal and spiritual modalities.

After years of wisdom and practical experience with different people Jason has captured a formula that will revolutionise the way people do health.

To learn more about Jason check out his “Jason French Health and Lifestyle Mentor” page on facebook.

Jason’s gift to you is a complimentary 1 hour consultation or $150 off his next upcoming workshop.

Jason French Health & Lifestyle Mentor
Randa Mayers, Florida U.S.A

Randa works with behaviour transformation related to substance abuse or dependence, sexuality, anger, self-care, assertiveness, and health often using art as a tool.

People with whom she works experience a deeper understanding of their issues and resources as well as increased motivation and productivity.

She has worked with various groups includings teachers, medical and management personnel who have expressed satisfaction resulting in in decreased issues and increased productivity.  In addition she has taken many courses, workshops and seminars to increase her gifts.

Randa is offering a complimentary 30 minute consultation as an introduction to the diverse work she does.

CLICK HERE to message her via Facebook.

Randa Mayers, Florida U.S.A
Sally ‘Lakshmi’ Thurley

Sally ‘Lakshmi’ Thurley, spiritual teacher, mystic and mother. Creator of her signature offering, the Spanda Mandala Process where we identify and come from our highest want, our self and use it to create a path to good feeling, problem solving and working out the spiritual practice we need to focus on in any situation.  The mandala is in fact a life map coming from our souls calling. When we ‘transcend and transform’ we heal our selves and those around us.

Sally is the facilitator her on line school the ‘Spanda Academy’ committed to establishing others in the fundamentals of mystical spiritual practice and bringing that knowledge and commitment of the monk to the world as the spiritual calling or Spanda Vision, in fellow mystics, healers and yogi’s; transforming it to an entrepreneurial business.

She was a student in an ashram for over 20 years in the yogic tradition of Kashmir Shivaism.  During that time, she was a private and group trainer and facilitator in the self inquiry technique.

A spiritual experience is working out what it is your soul wants in this moment and how to understand and get through any resistance or blocks.

Todays gift is a free Spanda Session: CLICK HERE


Sally ‘Lakshmi’ Thurley Spanda Vision
Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce is the founder of Anxiety Free Living and the creator of the Anxiety Free Formula.

Having overcome both general and social anxiety Andrew has learnt a lot about the thinking that goes on behind the scenes of anxiety and as a result has been able to assist many in overcoming their anxieties, freeing them up to experience more confidence, trust, freedom, and happiness.

The Anxiety Free Formula is all yours by visiting

Take a journey through the 7 Pillars of anxiety mastery and expand your awareness as your grow into the best version of you.

Andrew Pearce Anxiety Free Living by AP Success Coaching
Stacey Waine

Creating your Perfect Life….. Stacey is a leader in consciousness, healing and transformation and believes we all deserve to live a perfect balanced life. She is passionate about helping her clients create, live and have their perfect life.

She will get you to understand your full potential and tap into your own inner strengths. We all aspire to create a better life. Yet most of us simply aren’t creating the results we want. We complain that we don’t have enough money, romance, success, great relationships, or joy in our lives, yet, all these can be accomplished with the right tools and support.

While working with Stacey you can expect to be taken on a journey of self-discovery, realising your own mastery, releasing trapped emotions that no longer serve you, so you can move forward, life coaching will give you support to create whatever life you choose. Stacey is caring, down to earth, and straight to the point in her approach, she believes we all have the potential to transform ourselves and create our perfect life.

If a perfect life is what you are after, and I know it is, then I recommend you connect with Stacey. Your perfect life awaits…..

Stacey’s Free Gift to You: Complementary energetic healing session…CLICK HERE to receive

Stacey Waine Energetic Healer & Spiritual Mentor
Jutta Klipsch

Jutta is an experienced Transformational Coach.  She is passionate about helping women who want to ‘get out of the mud and shine’. Women who cannot wait any longer to tap into their hidden potential, and who want to live a life of their dreams with clarity and audacity.

When working with Jutta you will conquer low self-confidence, self-doubt and procrastination which has stopped you – up until now – to express who you really are.

You will leave depression, anxiety and unhappiness behind for good.

Your personal life and career will raise to a new unimaginable level, and finally, the discovery of your inner passion, creativity and courage will illuminate the world wherever you go!

CLICK HERE to download Jutta’s free ebook ‘Get Out of the Mud and Shine’

Jutta Klipsch Jutta Klipsch Transformational Coaching
Tanvi Chawla

Tanvi is an Osteopath based in the heart of Melbourne. She loves to treat clients with back pain & headaches; clients that are pro-active, committed to their health and wanting to be the best version of themselves. They can expect to feel pain relief, a sense of ease in themselves, freedom, calmness and lightness.

Tanvi’s gift to you: A personalised complimentary 15 minute assessment in the city of Melbourne at Melbourne Natural wellness.

To reserve a time, call the clinics friendly reception on (03) 9662 1311 or,
CLICK HERE for web details.

Tanvi Chawla Melbourne Natural Wellness
Stephanie Hunter Carey

A perfect blend of many empowering ancestors from a diverse range of heritage and lands has created the perfect canvas of who I AM.  For all that walked before me and those that will follow, I am proud to introduce a little about myself in the hope to inspire and awaken the giant within each of you.

Born, this time round, in New Zealand and raised amongst the vibration of bush, land, ocean, lakes and mountains – mixed with exposure to Maori and Pakeha (white man) influences – my divine gifts of healing, communication, motivation and leadership have continually been sharpened and finely tuned for our earthly plain.

To this forum I bring Mindset Mentoring and Solutions Facilitating –I solve your problems and facilitate you stepping into your light to lead a life you resonate with 100%. Feeling lost, confused, uncertain, in pain? Let us connect.

Let us connect – I offer each and every one of you a complimentary 20 minute Skype/zoom/phone intensive soul search with the aim to uncover, expose, bring to light, clarify where to from here for you.

Connect with Stephanie HERE

After spending 20 minutes with me you can expect to feel clearer, excited, up lifted, empowered and inspired – ready to take your next steps towards awakening the giant within. About time you did this for yourself, isn’t it? Make it so!

Stephanie Hunter Carey MBS Balance

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