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Thursday, 3th March
11 AM - AEDT

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  • How to move away from single sessions, low-end products, and one-off consultations that consume all your time and don’t generate enough income for you.
  • How to take years off your leadership journey without feeling you have to subscribe to the usual market hype.
  • How to actually find high-end clients who are able to invest at a higher level, even if you don’t know where to look or don’t think anyone will pay.
  • How to grow your own high-value tribe of like-minded extraordinaries without the uncomfortable 'hard sell'.
  • PLUS, some free extra bonuses to help launch and grow your ideas faster.

Meeting Matthew is a blessing in every possible way! His presence was there at the right time! Just weeks in to our seminars … he help me accept my divine gifts and I found my way to align with my higher self... Matthew helped shape my vision and my purpose for helping others! I can't wait to see where we will go from here!

Angelica Diaz, Florida USA, Healing With Angel

I have gained so much confidence and clarity for my personal and business life since I have worked with Matt. He is a magnificent leader in the field of higher consciousness and (applied) spirituality, business and life coaching.

The enormous and endless information he shares is second to none, and it really opened myself up for seeing unlimited possibilities for my life. I have gained the courage in believing in myself, and not fearing putting my ideas into action.

I thank Matt from the bottom of my heart for being the mentor and leader he is, and pushing me gently to shine my light and live my potential... and, for assisting me to spread my unique message, and to make a difference to my fellow beings. If you feel overwhelmed, unclear, lost, stuck – Matt IS the guy! The value he gives is priceless!

Jutta Klipsch, Melbourne Australia, Get Out of the Mud and Shine

Matt holds a safe space which is conducive to learning and personal growth allowing insights and ideas to flow in a very positive and natural way. I highly recommend Matt as a coach and leader and appreciate the work both he and his partner Kirsten do in the background as preparation. I have found inspiration for my own live and business

Trudy Igboekweze, Sydney Australia, Elysian Beings

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reserve your spot... QUICK!  There are only 25 spots available.

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About Matthew:

Matthew is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and spiritual growth. A sought-after International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, he has spent more than two decades at the fore-front of metaphysical healing, spirituality and leadership; sharing his wisdom with more than 35,000 ‘Seekers’ around the world over this time. He travels the world several times each year connecting with super-extraordinary people and sharing wisdoms with many - teaching, inspiring and helping lead coaches, mentors, health professionals and spiritual-preneurs reach higher states of potential and actualise a more fulfilling journey as leaders in service of humanity during their time on this planet.